Chemistry of performance and wellness in the workplace

Developments in the field of Neuroscience are providing us with valuable information on how to enhance effectiveness, performance and productivity within organisations. Understanding how the human brain & body functions will guide leaders & practitioners on a journey to re-think their organisational practices so that their employees’ potential can be unlocked.
This scientifically-based and accredited application is designed to enhance productivity and decrease absenteeism. It is regarded as an essential requirement for those who have invested in their people. Cost-containment through wellness enhancement and increased profitability through enhanced productivity are the cornerstones of this application.
The program is directed at the corporate environment, medical aid funders and insurers as well as the medical and para-medical professions. The program is the result of fifteen years of research and is the product of a co-operative venture involving medical specialists and corporate-based, industrial psychologists.
For any enquiries contact : Sue Lovegrove
(Accredited Neurovitality Coach at Quantum Health Solutions)

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Nelson Mandela
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