An InSynk Mindset

Building exeptional competency in a competitive world

In the bustle of business life, the intense focus on the goal of maximising profit often compromises the purpose of a business, namely to attract and retain  customers thus leading to behaviours and attitudes inconsistent with nurturing relationships, both internally and externally, which ultimately affect the bottom-line: the customer is the boss – you depend on them to pay your salary.
So what is this all about?
To improve business performance and gain or maintain competitive advantage, requires that the people and the internal systems and processes they manage are all harmoniously synchronised, resulting in the organisation being easy with which to do business.
In all business operations every day, there are teams of people that interact with each other, follow processes and use systems to deliver their product to the satisfaction of the customer. The human wisdom, know-how and wherewithal encapsulated in the individuals involved, are the key competitive advantage for that business. Any issues or blockages in the way they operate as individuals or in teams and in the way they connect with the systems and processes that drive a business, results in diminished performance with negative impact on business growth and profitability.
For business to grow and be profitable requires that all the individuals, teams, systems and processes operate - not only harmoniously but also - in synchronicity!

So what is InSynK?

In business interactions everyday, the ‘I’ (the employee) plays a key role within the context of the ‘WE’ (the teams within the business) utilising the ‘IT’ (the processes and systems within the business) to satisfy the needs and wants of their customers.
A business is at its most effective when the ‘I’ (my thoughts and feelings), ‘WE’ (our realtionships/interactions) and ‘IT’ (actions and activities) are fully integrated and we are consciously aware of all three.
When we operate where all three are congruent, we are our most effective as we are fully aware of how we are doing, the quality and dynamics of the relationships we share and we know what to do and why.
InSynk is the process whereby we explore, identify and expunge the obstacles and challenges that hinder organizations in operating consistently in the ‘sweet spot’.

How can InSynK help you?

Participants in the InSynK programme will...

  • Have a deep understanding of their values, those of their business and the wherewithal to manage any ‘gaps’
  • Have a clear view of ‘what’, ‘where’ and ‘who’ they want to be, not only in their business life but in their personal life as well
  • Be able to appreciate the mindset required to effectively interact at all levels in their business
  • Understand that they are responsible for success and fulfilment in their business and personal lives
  • Be able to effectively communicate and interact to deliver the business promise

Target Audience

All those involved in serving those who serve the customer but more especially teams that need to refocus on their function and purpose in the organization in order to deliver business results.

InSynk is a 2 day workshop

"Action without vision is only passing time, vision without action is merely day dreaming, but vision with action can change the world."

Nelson Mandela
Former President of South Africa